44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating on 23 September 2017

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SCC-Skating KidsCup

The "mini series" for the skaters of tomorrow

Skating is fun. And it´s even more fun if you skate together with other kids. Every child can participate at the SCC-Skating KidsCup, beginners are welcome as well.

At every SCC event, the kids are the first ones to set the pace and show the adults what it is all about. Everybody between six and thirteen years can participate. The main thing is that you enjoy skating, and everything else will come step by step. Depending on the age we offer distances from 500 to 3.000 meters. Those kids who are new to skating can enter in the category "Beginner", all donning the number "one", and gather experience without any pressure from timekeeping. The others compete in their own class, receiving points like in the formula 1. Even though you are not able to take part at the first race, you can join the series during the summer, or just take part in one race. The big final takes place at the home stretch of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with hundreds of spectators.

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