Win a pair of top skates from Rollerblade

Now you can win a lot! Everyone who registers for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating between July 6 and 17, 2022, will automatically be entered into our big raffle for a unique chance to win one of two pairs of Rollerblade E2 110 High Performance Long Distance Skates worth more than 400 Euros!

To the registration

Newscomers start at half price!

Skate together and save money!

Share your enthusiasm for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating with your friends.

Together it’s even more fun. And with our special offer “Come on and join me!” newcomers to the marathon only pay half price if they are recruited by a full
paying participant.

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Many participants have already booked their tickets for the Road 2 Berlin Legend of the skaters at the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. Registration is still open for the skaters and with it the chance to experience an incomparable journey. 

In the coming months we will be accompanying some skaters on their Road 2 Berlin and introducing them to you in our new series: Faces and Skate Stories.  We will show you how diverse this journey is. No matter if you are a pro, a beginner or an organiser - one thing is certain: you are not alone on your journey! 

You all have one big goal: to finish the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating on 24 September 2022 and become part of our stories as #berlinlegend.



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