46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating on 28 September 2019

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  • What is the course like?

    Find the interactive map here.

  • Should I wear a helmet?

    Yes! Helmets are obligatory for all inline skaters. Without a helmet, you will be disqualified. We recommend to wear further protective equipment, too.

  • Am I allowed to use cross skates or nordic skates?

    Only inline skates and quad skates are allowed on the course. Cross skates, "Skikes", nordic skates, skateboards or other rolling equipment are prohibited as well as sticks.

  • Am I allowed to have a support vehicle?

    No, support vehicles (cars, motorcycles or bikes) are not permitted on the course. 

  • Can I bring along a stroller or something similar?

    Participation using any kind of baby jogger or stroller is not permitted.

  • Can I take animals on the course?

    Animals are not allowed on the course.

  • May I wear headphones?

    We would like to ask that you not to wear headphones so that you can understand anything that other runners or volunteers might say to you. You would also be missing out on the remarkable sounds of the spectators and live bands.

  • What refreshments will be available along the course?

    As it is not always easy to provide adequate refreshments to the inline skaters during the marathon, we provide you with a water bottle. Please fill it before the race and carry it with you. Emergency refreshment points with water and fruits will be available at the 21, 30, and 36K points.

  • Can I have my own refreshments?

    Please carry your own refreshments with you.

  • Will there be toilets along the course?

    There will be port-a-potties after every refreshment station.

  • Will medical help be available along the course?

    Up until km 15 there will be mobile forces along the entire course. You will be able to identify them through their green crosses (First Aid) or the words “DOCTOR” or “MEDICAL SERVICE”. From km 15 to 36 there will be emergency stations every three kilometres. In addition, every kilometre there will be some medical assistance provided (personnel, vehicles). Starting at km 36, there will be emergency stations set up every kilometre.

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