46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating on 28 September 2019

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The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club for inline skaters

Jubilee Gruppenbild Skater 2017

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-club for runners is long existent and widely known. Since 2006 a regular participation in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON for inline skaters is also worth it! All skaters, who participated ten times or more, can become a member in the Jubilee-Club for in-line skater. As a reward the new members will receive a special Jubilee-Club-T-Shirt and a special bib number that will last an entire life.

How everything started

On September 28th in 1997, 446 inline skaters started for the first time in the BERLIN-MARATHON over the legendary distance of 42,195 km. At that time the skaters started at Charlottenburger Tor and after 3 km skated through the Brandenburger Gate. Since then a lot has happened. The start was then moved to “An der Urania” but meanwhile the start is at “Straße des 17. Juni”. Since 2006 the finish line is 350 meters after the Brandenburger Gate and is surrounded by many spectators which create a great atmosphere.  

Who starts for the 10th time?

In 2006 the 10th edition of the classic skater race took place. For us it was very impressive to see that some participants already participated 10 times in the BERLIN-MARATHON, since 1997. This was the reason why we decided to set up a Jubilee-Club for inline skaters.

How do I become a member?

It is necessary to hand in the copies of all your BERLIN-MARATHON certificates, or alternatively excerpts of the lists of participants. It is important that you can prove the participation in 10 BERLIN-MARATHON races which you have fully completed.

Unfortunately, due to changing computer programs, it is not possible to register for the Jubilee-Club at the push of the button. Out of your own interest you should send in your documents after the successful completion of your 9th BERLIN-MARATHON race. The latest date to accept your documents this year will be June 30th, 2018. If you are in time with your registration you will be honored in the finish area after your 10th BERLIN-MARATHON race. When and where – we will let you know in September.

Please send your copies and the registration form to:

Constanze Feistkorn
Olympiapark Berlin
14053 Berlin

or to: jubilee@scc-events.com

Download registration form

Which advantages do I have when becoming a member?

A Jubilee-Club-T-Shirt
Every Jubilee-Club member will receive the official red Jubilee-Club-T-Shirt.

A personal portrait in the internet
We will name all Jubilee members on our website and will publish a short portrait of them.

A special bib number for life
The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON allocates a special bib number to his Jubilee-participants if they decide to take place in a BMW BERLIN-MARATHON skating race. The allocated bib numbers of our Jubilee-members will last for a life time and are valid for all skating races organized by SCC EVENTS. BUT - the membership does not mean that members do not have to register for the BERLIN-MARATHON races anymore. If you want to participate you still have to register and also to pay the registration fee.

Jubilee-booth at the Expo BERLIN VITAL Fall

At the Jubilee-Club booth, at the Expo BERLIN VITAL Fall (former Airport Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin), Thomas Köppe and several other helpers are waiting for you to provide you with further information and to exchange experiences.

Any further questions?

Please contact Constanze Feistkorn: constanze.feistkorn@scc-events.com

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