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Already 35,000 participants registered for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON

There are already 35,000 participants registered for the 31st real,- BERLIN

MARATHON. This number includes over 30,000 runners and almost 5,000 inline

skaters. Germany’s most spectacular road race will take place on

September 25 and 26. Skaters and runners can still register until June 11th at

a discounted rate. Up until then, the registration fee for runners is 70 Euros

and for skaters 50 Euros – after June 11 the fees will go up by 20 Euros

until the registration is closed (August 6 for the runners and August 27 for

the skaters) or the limits have been reached. Last year a total of 48,424

athletes participated in the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, including runners and

skaters, as well as walkers and wheelchair competitors. For the first time

there will be a competition for hand cyclists at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON on

September 26. Following the successful premiere in 2003, the inline skaters

will again have their own race a day before the runners. The starting time on

Saturday, September 25 has not yet been set exactly. It will likely take place

between 9 and 10 a.m. Anyone who would like to participate in the real,- BERLIN

MARATHON, the running event of the year in Germany, should register as soon as

possible. Information is available at the event organiser, SCC RUNNING either

by telephone at: + 49 – 30 – 3012 8810 or online at: It is also possible to register online there for the