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BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club still growing strong – soon to have over 1,600 members

Once again, the exclusive BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club had its service stand set up at the BERLIN VITAL Fair and race number distribution for the 26th Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON at the Messe Berlin fairgrounds under the radio tower.  Here the club members not only had the opportunity to sit and exchange information, but also had a chance to get to know one another over a cup of coffee, cake, and cookies.

Information and special souvenirs

There is a pin board with all of the names and lots of tips, offers, and information, and of course you can get the special club souvenirs there as well. Bernd Hübner and his wife Monika, as well as the Sowinski and Templin couples are always there too, giving advice and information.

For many  SCC-RUNNING runners, this Jubilee Club is still new territory, and they bring with them the certificates and lists of results from the past to document that they have successfully crossed the finish 10 — or more — times at the BERLIN-MARATHON.


1,597 members from 14 countries

There are now 109 women, 1,472 men, and 16 male wheelchair athletes, making a total of 1,597 Jubilee Club members from 14 countries, with 15 more aspirants who have already submitted their documents.

In addition, 37 runners have submitted proof that they have successfully crossed the finish nine times, so that when they cross the finish on September 24, 2006 at the 33rd real,- BERLIN MARATHON everything will be ready for them to be inaugurated into the club and they can receive their t-shirt and certificate on the awards state at the Brandenburg Gate.

Soon Bernd Hübner, the record holder for the club, will be able to hand out the great Jubilee number “1600”.

For inquiries or further information, please contact:

Constanze Scholz at the running office

of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON -

Telephone: .. 030 30 12 88 13 -

Fax: .. 030 30 12 88 20