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BERLIN-MARATHON with real,- as its title sponsor

The organisers of the BERLIN-MARATHON are pleased to announce that another

title sponsor has been found. The successful completion of the year 2000

marathon marked the end of all our sponsorship contracts. We immediately

started a series of negotiations in order to secure both the funding and the

best possible conditions for this important event and, as a result, were able

to sign up real,-, the very successful hypermarket chain, as our title sponsor

for the next few years.

The organisers of SCC Berlin are very pleased to have such a strong partner

by their side which should help them to strengthen their dominating position as

the organisers of the fastest marathon in the world.

The overwhelming success of the BERLIN-MARATHON over the last few years

triggered a run for a place in this coveted race.

At currently 3,543 applicants (as compared to 1,053 on the same day in 2000)

the number of prospective participants has already more than trebled. Many

applicants have registered their interest using our convenient on-line option

for registration.

With real,- as our title sponsor and partner and a host of events planned in

the run-up to the marathon we expect to even top the record number of 34,090

runners and skaters who participated in last years marathon.

The organisers of SCC-RUNNING and the BERLIN-MARATHON are going from

strength to strength.