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Japanese star runner is already in Berlin - Yoko Shibui

The Japanese star runner Yoko Shibui, who posts a best time of 2:21:22 (2002 in

Chicago) and is the 10th fastest female marathon runner of all time, is taking

her preparation for the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON next Sunday very seriously.

The favourite for the great marathon classic across Berlin arrived in Berlin on

Saturday at the Tegel airport. Her machine from Japan via Frankfurt landed at

8:45 p.m. in Berlin.

Mark Milde and his Japanese favourites

Race Director Mark Milde, who is experienced in greeting Japanese favourites

for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, met the runners at the airport arrival with a

bouquet of flowers. The camera teams from both RBB and Fuji TV did not miss the

opportunity to film the petite runners—they are the reason that Fuji TV

will again be broadcasting the race live in Japan.

... very tired

"I am very tired" was her short statement for Japanese


The Japanese have high hopes for the 25-year-old, who trained for weeks in

China for her start in Berlin and is accompanied in Berlin by two trainers. She

just missed a nomination for the Olympic Games in Athens and she wants to prove

herself here in Berlin.

Another victory for Japan? That would be the fifth in a


The Japanese public expects nothing less than a victory with a super time. That

would mean the 5th victory in a row for a Japanese runner. In 2000, Kazumi

Matsuo won in 2:26:15 – followed in 2001 by a world-record race by the

Olympic gold medallist Naoko Takahashi in 2:19:46 – a race followed live

on television by 55 million Japanese fans. In 2002, Takahashi won again in a

world-class time of 2:21:49, while last year Yasuko Hashimoto kept the winning

streak going with at time of 2:26:32.

Live broadcasting in Japan since 1990

The marathon in Berlin has a legendary name in Japan, where it has been

broadcast live by ARD/SFB/RBB since 1990. The number of Japanese running

tourists participating in the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON clearly reflects this

popularity. In addition to Yoko Shibui, who officially announced that she plans

on improving her time here in Berlin, 184 Japanese runners also hope to improve

their personal bests on the world record pavement.