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real,- BERLIN-MARATHON booked out for runners

The 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 26th is booked out for runners.

Now that the limit of 35,000 athletes has been reached, SCC RUNNING will not be

accepting any more registrations for the running spectacle. The real,- BERLIN

MARATHON will start at 9 a.m. on September 26th on the boulevard Straße

des 17. Juni and will end as it did last year in the area around the

Brandenburg Gate.

For inlineskaters are sufficient starting spots still availabe,


For the inline skaters, who for the second time will be having their own

separate race on September 25th, there are sufficient starting spots still

available, however. The final day for skaters to register is August 27th. This

race will start at 10 a.m. on September 25th. The start and finish areas for

the runners and skaters are almost identical.

In 2003 a record number of 30,709 finishers

Last year a record number of 30,709 runners crossed the finish. The real,-

BERLIN MARATHON was thus the 4th largest marathon race in the world in 2003,

after New York, Chicago and London. If one includes the statistics for the

inline skaters (7.547 finishers), then Berlin presents the largest marathon

event in the world.

In preparation for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, SCC RUNNING is still offering

two more races for runners. The 28th Campina Street Race will take place on

August 22nd. This “Dress Rehearsal” for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON

is a half marathon race. Additionally a 5 k race is run.

One week later, on August 29th, there is a 30k training run on the programme

(with the possibility to run only 10k or 20k, as well). Nordic Walkers can

participate at 10 or 20 k.

Inlineskater - preparation

In preparation for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON the skaters also have a race

planned: the Xrace on August 22nd in the Tiergarten park. This half marathon

race which includes the German Championships is organised by SCC RUNNING in

cooperation with the Xspeed Team of SCC Berlin.

Further information is available from SCC RUNNING at

tel: 030 – 3012 8810

or online at: