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“Running will get even more popular“

What is the position

of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON internationally?

Hiroaki Chosa: “The real,-BERLIN-MARATHON is well known as the fast

course to the elite runners. At the same time, this marathon has been

successful in developing sub events such as inline skating as well as power

walking which generate interest from various people. The organizer is always

challenging cooperated with the government of Germany as well as the city

council to satisfy various needs of the runners. Therefore the

real,-BERLIN-MARATHON is positioned as one of the ideal well noted big city

marathons throughout the world.“

What do you think of the development of road running in general?

Hiroaki Chosa: “People recognize that ,health is one of the key issues

in life. Running enables people being healthy physically and mentally thus

people more actively enjoy their lives. Therefore road running will be

developing further to meet various demands of the runners.“

Do you think the growth of races will continue, will running get even

more popular – and why might this happen?

Hiroaki Chosa: “It will continue and get more popular. Because road

races can provide runners the feeling of achievement, a little bit of tourism

as well as communication.“

What could be done to promote running more and get more attention of the


Hiroaki Chosa: “The key issues are: Great performances by elite

runners. And contribution to the society by the runners through charitable