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The fastest marathon runner of the year will be starting in Berlin: Felix Limo

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON announces the first spectacular commitment for the

race on September 26th. Felix Limo will start on the course that is known for

its speed.

Excellent time of 2:06:14

The Kenyan leads the world rankings for 2004 with the excellent time of

2:06:14, which with certainty will not be beaten before the real,- BERLIN

MARATHON. His best time already makes him the 6th fastest marathon runner


“We are happy that we have been able to commit such a top athlete for

the real,- BERLIN MARATHON in this Olympic year,“ said the race director

from SCC RUNNING, Mark Milde. Although Felix Limo won the Rotterdam Marathon

with this best time, despite the inclement April weather, he was not nominated

for the Olympic Marathon in Athens by the Kenyan running association.

In addition to Paul Tergat, who won the real,- BERLIN MARATHON in 2003

in a world best time of 2:04:55h, the other Kenyans to participate in the

Olympics will be Sammy Korir (second in Berlin in 2003 in 2:04:56h)

and Eric Wainaina (Olympic silver medallist from Sydney). There were

considerable discussions in Kenya about the nomination of Wainaina.

New generation of the strong Kenyan marathon runners

Felix Limo, who will turn 24 on August 22nd, belongs to the new generation of

the strong Kenyan marathon runners. He was noticed three years ago when he set

a 15k world record of 41:29 minutes (which still stands) in Nijmegen. Just

about a year ago he ran the second fastest marathon debut of all times, coming

in second in Amsterdam (2:06:42). Felix Limo is preparing for the real,- BERLIN

MARATHON in Kenya in the training camp of his Dutch manager Jos Hermens.

The elite runners are the only runners who can still gain admittance to the

real,- BERLIN MARATHON. The limit of participation (35,000 runners) has been


Registration is still possible, however, for inline skaters, whose race will

take place on September 25th. Further information is available online at: