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Nov 2001

Dream Debut

Noah Bor had a dream debut at the marathon yesterday, when he won the Athens

Classic on the original course from the village of Marathon to Athens.

Originally intended as the pacemaker for his more experienced colleagues, the

27 year old Kenyan repeated the surprise of the recent Berlin and Chicago

marathons, also won by Kenyan abbits. "I didn expect to win, I thought the

others would be too strong, but when they weren coming at me after halfway, I

decided to go," said Bor, whose elder brother...

May 2001

Skaters: Only 500 entries remaining

The enormous demand for entries for the 28th running of the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON on 30 September 2001, has dramatically shrunk the number of

places remaining for skaters.

So, speed skaters should waste no time: only about 500 entries are still

available. On-line registration will be closed soon.

The 2000 edition of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON saw 6,741 inline skaters

which made it the worldwide biggest skating marathon. This year, the organisers

SCC have limited the number of skaters entries to...

Rodgers Rop runs world best for 25 k in Berlin

Once again a major road race in Berlin has showed that the streets of the

German capital seem to be ideal for running world class times. It was only five

weeks ago when Fabián Roncero of Spain broke the hour in the Berlin Half

Marathon and set the fastest time of the year for the distance (59:52). In that

race Rodgers Rop came in third with 60:57 minutes. Now the Kenyan came back to

Berlin and achieved a world best time. The 25-year-old won the 21st 25 km von

Berlin with 1:13:44 hours, lowering...

Apr 2001

Skating at the Halfmarathon

At 9.30 a sunny morning in Berlin, more than 1600 skaters were waiting for the

start signal for the 21st Berlin Halfmarathon.

At the start line were the teams of Rollerblade, Salomon, Roces and the

Dansih Team Viking Rubber. Every team was ready to put down the pedal for the

first big race in Germany and hoping for victory for their team.

The start went and 1600 skaters were on their way on this great course

around the center of Berlin.

From the begining the Team Salomon was trying to the make...

Feb 2001

"We cannot practise magic - we just can prevent it"

The medical team of the BERLIN-MARATHON presents itself:

This slogan, well known from TV, makes you smile. Of course instead of

"cheap" we say "prevent".

Headlines in newspapers, like a couple of years ago, "Death

participates in the marathon", we took seriously, despite the loud style.

The BERLIN- MARATHON in "Emergency Room" or "Doctors on a

mission"? No, the medicine of the BERLIN- MARATHON doesn want to be a

rescuer. Death is something natural you can meet everywhere, even in a

marathon. But...

Jan 2001

Online-Entry for fast Skaters possible

In order to have a better control of the skaters wishing to start in the first

starting blocks (sub 1:30 hours) of the BERLIN-MARATHON we ask for a proof of

their capability. This can be shown by a copy of a certificate or results lists

when sending the entry form. For further information see below at figure 1.

Because of a change in our software, skaters with personal bests of sub 1:30

can also enter online, if they achieved their times in Berlin in 1999 or 2000.

Great care has to put on the...