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Aug 2004

Skaters at the Bewag City Night

Almost 8000 participants at the traditional City Night by SCC RUNNING –

just one of many records on this July 31st evening.

771 inline skaters at night

771 enthusiastic skaters meant a new record number of participants, which

was honoured by the applause of a record number of spectators (55,000) along

the Berlin course.

The starting shot was heard at 7:30 p.m. sharp. From the beginning, the team

racers from VERO, Salomon, Zepto and FILA put on pressure to form a good

rolling leading group as...

Jul 2004 Geb Facing his Greatest Challenge

Friday 30 July 2004 London - When you’ve won as much, and done as much,

as Haile Gebrselassie, it must be the most daunting of prospects to know, at

31, that you still have the greatest challenge of your athletics life ahead of

you. But that’s what faces the legend from Ethiopia as he prepares to

defend his Olympic 10,000m title in Athens in three weeks time.

“There is no question it would be my greatest

achievement,” said Gebrselassie, speaking in London as he

prepares to race over 5000m at the...