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Nov 2004

„Distance Running“ and the AIMS-Races worldwide

AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Road Races), the association

of the largest running events in the world and the IAAF ( International

Association of Athletic Federations) publish the trade magazine „DISTANCE

RUNNING“ three times a year (circulation 400,000 per issue), in which the

races of the member organisations are listed. In the newest issue,

September/December 2004, the dates for the races until December 2005 are


"5" />200 races from 73 countries

AIMS represents 200 races...

“It is not an Olympic gold medal" - Allan Steinfelds comment

“It is not an Olympic gold medal. But the world saw what she can do:

Paula Radcliffe won the New York City Marathon.“ That was the comment

made by Allan Steinfeld, the Race Director of the running spectacle, to a

question regarding his estimation of Paula Radcliffe’s achievement. The

30-year-old English woman managed to end a catastrophic year with a success

through an enormous exertion of energy. In a super time of 2:23:10h, the third

fastest time of the year, she crossed the finish in Central...

Oct 2004

At least 9,150 runners overtaken during the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

A performance which could well qualify for the Guinness Book of Records was

achieved by Terefe Yae and Shimeles Molla during the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

26th September. It turned out during the analysis of the results that the two

Ethiopians have overtaken at least 9,150 runners during the 42,195 k race.

They entered the wrong start-section

As elite athletes Terefe Yae and Shimeles Molla should have started in the

first of three starting sections and right at the front. But somehow they...

IAAF org. Radcliffe to make return in New York Marathon

Tuesday 26 October 2004 World Marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe has

changed her comeback plans and will now make her first competitive outing since

her disastrous attempts to become an Olympic champion, by running the ING New

York City Marathon on 7 November 2004.

Radcliffe, the reigning European 10,000m champion had been scheduled to make

a low-key return on the roads at the Run London 10k at the end of November but

decided to change her plans after an encouraging month long training camp...

IAAF org: World 5000m record breakers rejoin for anniversary

Thursday 14 October 2004 Britain’s David Moorcroft and Christopher

Chataway, two former World 5000m record holders met for a special anniversary

last night at the Kingsmeadow track in Kingston, Surrey.

The date 13 October 2004 was the 50th Anniversary of the occasion on which

Chataway at a London versus Moscow City match at London’s White City

stadium met with the then World record holder and newly crowned European

champion Vladimir Kuts in what turned out to be an epic clash over



IAAF org.: Sihine - the domestic Lion starts to roar abroad

Tuesday 12 October 2004 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - In Ethiopia, the term

‘domestic Lion’ is often used to refer to the country’s

national soccer team which has a strange tendency to win matches at the

high-altitude of Addis Ababa stadium only to suffer some of football’s

worst defeats outside its borders. But when told that some people label him as

Ethiopian Athletics’ domestic Lion, Sileshi Sihine, who is a devoted

soccer fan, smiles and says, “But I also win outside


2004 World...

IAAF org: Khannouchi is the target - Chicago Marathon Preview

Friday 8 October 2004 Chicago, USA - “I would be really happy if Chicago

could get the World record back,” said Khalid Khannouchi ahead of

Sunday’s 27th running of the LaSalle Banks Chicago Marathon (10 Sep).

“This race is set for fast times.”

World record target

While everyone is touting the match-up between Khannouchi, who has won the

Chicago race four times, and defending champion Evans Rutto of Kenya,

Khannouchi says that there are at least “five or six guys” who

could win the race.


Walkers at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

Walkers at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004 – part of the marathon since


Health-oriented walking continues to grow in importance in Germany.

There was a premiere at the 26th BERLIN-MARATHON on September 26, 1999. The

power walkers participated in the BERLIN MARATHON for the first time.

Hartwig Gauder

One man, once a world renowned athlete, got this initiative rolling. Hartwig

Gauder, who was Olympic champion in the 50 km and received a donor heart in

1997, was the front man in Berlin for the...

IAAF org.: Sun Yingjie sets National Record to take World Title on Asian soil

Sunday 3 October 2004 World 10,000 metres bronze-medallist Sun Yingjie cruised

to victory to win the IAAF World Half Marathon title on Sunday morning in New


Sun Yingjie, fittingly on the first occasion the Championship race

has been held on Asian soil

, won in a Chinese national record time of one hour eight minutes and 40


Behind the joint pre-race favourite, Kenyas Lydia Cheromei fought back after

struggling midway through the 13.1miles race, to claim the silver medal in a...

IAAF org: Competition Preview - World Half Marathon in New Delhi

Friday 1 October 2004 Monte-Carlo – Athletes from a record number of 64

nations will contest both individual and team honours at the 13th IAAF World

Half Marathon Championships in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Sunday 3


Last year’s team winners in Vilamoura, Portugal were Tanzania (men)

and Russia (women). 2003 was a disappointing year for Kenya the seven times men

and four times women’s team title winners. Their men were surprisingly

outpaced by Tanzania and their women’s ninth...

Sep 2004

Happy end in the sunshine for the skaters

The late summer sun was shining on Saturday afternoon at around 1 p.m., warming up the guests at the Inline Village between the Reichstag and Brandenburg It was packed full with participants and visitors, who were relaxing with their first beer and numerous other delicious snacks, sharing their skating experiences.

Press Conference Highlights - Monday, 27.09.2004

Rüdiger Otto, Managing Director SCC-RUNNING

„Results of the athletes show how fast this course really is. Despite

the bad weather we got some excellent times. Though of course fort the fun

runners conditions were perfect. I am proud that everything worked so well.

There is a saying: After the race we are before the race – meaning we

will start preparing for 2005 right now. I especially want to thank Horst

Milde, our Honorary Race Director, for his help.“

Dr. Willi Heepe, Medical Director


Shibui breaks 2:20 in real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Yoko Shibui became the fifth women in history to break the 2:20 barrier in

women’s marathon running. The 25 year-old Japanese won the 31st real,-

BERLIN MARATHON this Sunday in 2:19:41. Shibui not only broke the famous course

record of Naoko Takahashi (Japan), who became the first women to go sub 2:20 in

Berlin in 2001 (2:19:46). She also broke the Japanese record, which was that

time from Takahashi in Berlin as well. Shibui missed the Asian record by

Yingjie Sun (China) by just two seconds.

"right" />In...

Yoko Shibui wins the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON of the women

Yoko Shibui was philosophical about the incident which may have cost her an

Asian record in the real,-Berlin Marathon Sunday morning.

As she sped through the Brandenburg Gate with just 200 metres to run to the

finish line, an over-zealous official tried to direct her to the channel that

separated the women from the men finishers.. In doing so, he managed to stand

right in her path, so she had to stop and go around him, causing her to lose

momentum. She finished in 2hr 19min 41sec, just two...

Press Conference Highlights

Felix Limo, winner mens Marathon (2:06:44)

Were you sure to win the race?

"Yes I was sure. I have begun at 30 km to intensify the speed but my back

hurt again. Therefore I have reserved somethhing for the last two kilometres

only. "

What were the conditions like?

"The conditions were hard. You have to take care in the curves not to step

into puddles. But otherwise it was all right. "

Do you come back to Berlin?

"I hope I can come again and I then would like to break the world record.

Paul Tergat...

Yoko Shibui breaks 2:20 in real,- BERLIN MARATHON

The 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON was once again an exciting world class running

event with outstanding results. Yoko Shibui became the fifth woman in history

to break the 2:20 barrier in women’s marathon running. The 25 year-old

Japanese won the race in 2:19:41. Shibui not only broke the famous course

record of Naoko Takahashi (Japan), who became the first women to go sub 2:20 in

Berlin in 2001 (2:19:46). She also broke the Japanese record, which was that

time from Takahashi in Berlin as well....

Superlatives at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

1.000.000 Cups 200.000 Skate audience 180.000 Safety pin 120.000 Bananas 90.000

Programs 52.000 Bib numbers 38.500 sponge 38.000 Warming cloaks 16.000 Square

meters Expo 11.000 Breakfast runner 7.500 kg noodles 5.900 volunteers 2.909

Danish people 2.560 kg medals 909 Times the name Thomas 500 L Olive oil 400 L

Massage oil 395 Doctors and First-aid attendant 360 Masseure 333 Times the name

Juergen 300 Physiotherapists 264 Media representatives 215 Times the last name

Mueller 153 Times the name...

Press Conference Highlights, Yoko Shibui - Thursday, September, 23rd 2004

Yoko Shibui, Top Marathon runner from Japan

On the question if she is in shape for a time under 2:20 h?

“Yes, I think I can do it. The weather is okay, only the wind should

not blow too much.”

Preparation for the Marathon in Kunming, China (high altitude training


“I trained very well in China and had quite good results. About times

I don’t want to talk. Also I can not say what mileage I ran there. My

longest training unit was about 40 km but time will be my secret, like I said


Press conference Highlights (Part 1) - Friday, 2004, September 24

Felix Limo, Top runner from Kenya

What do you expect to run when the weather will be good?

„I don’t know a time yet. I want to run as fast as I can and do

my best. “

Where and with whom did you have your preparations? „I have trained

back home in Kaptagat near Eldoret, together with my training group, like James

Rotich. The training was very good and both of my coaches (Patrick Sang und

Joseph Chelimo) were happy. I just competed in one race, the half marathon of

Rotterdam (1:03:09). But I had...

Press conference Highlights (part 2) - Friday, 2004 September 24th

Chad Hedrick, Top Inline-Skater (USA)

Why did you changed from inline skating to ice-skating?

„My biggest dream is to compete at the Olympics. Inline skating

isn’t an Olympic event - therefore I had to decide. Changing to speed

skating is very popular and that is why the decision wasn’t that hard. I

have won after less than two years the world-cup for ice-skating in


Who will win on Saturday and what is your tactic like?

„It is hard to say who will win tomorrow. There are a lot of good...

Changes in Sport Medicine: The athlete — a special patient


MEDICINE which will be taking place from September 23-25 in Berlin.

The increasing lack of activity and the growing number of overweight people

with adipositas have far-reaching consequences for individual health and for

the health system as a whole. At the same time, numerous international studies

show that exercise can serve as a primary preventive measure or ancillary

therapy for almost all illnesses. In light of this...

Yoko Shibui will start as favourite in Sunday

Sunday’s real,- BERLIN-MARATHON favourite, Yoko Shibui believes it will

take five years to get close to Paula Radcliffe’s world record. Shibui,

who ran her own best when finishing third behind Radcliffe’s previous

world record in Chicago 2002 is in Berlin with another target – the

course record, also the first women’s sub 2hr 20min that her colleague,

Sydney Olympic winner, Naoko Takahashi ran here in 2001.

Radcliffe’s record of 2.15.25, set in London 2002 is just about the

only thing that the...

Press Conference Highlights - Wednesday, 2004 September 22

Christian Wiesenhütter (vice-president IHK)

„The economy power from real,- BERLIN MARATHON is enormous. The amount

of the overall sales volume for Berlin is about 35 million €. There are

increasing numbers of participants not only from northern Europe but also from

the new EU countries in Middle East Europe. This year the chamber of industry

and commerce (IHK) has also some runners and we are looking forward to good

cooperation with SCC-RUNNING and the 2nd International congress for endurance...

“A green light for the marathon“

“There is a green light for the marathon“, says the new race director of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. In other words: Everything is ready for the most spectacular German street race this coming weekend. Mark Milde, who is heading the event in that function for the first time after taking over the position from his father Horst this past March, is optimistically looking forward to the race.


The 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 25 and 26:

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON belongs to the most spectacular and

top-notch street races in the world. Together with New York, London and

Chicago, Berlin is also one of the largest marathon races in the world. And the

real,- BERLIN MARATHON will defend its position this year as well.

Despite the proximity to the Olympic marathon in Athens, on September 26

there will be an excellent field starting in Berlin in front of millions of

spectators. Leading this field will be Felix Limo and several of his...

Japanese star runner is already in Berlin - Yoko Shibui

The Japanese star runner Yoko Shibui, who posts a best time of 2:21:22 (2002 in

Chicago) and is the 10th fastest female marathon runner of all time, is taking

her preparation for the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON next Sunday very seriously.

The favourite for the great marathon classic across Berlin arrived in Berlin on

Saturday at the Tegel airport. Her machine from Japan via Frankfurt landed at

8:45 p.m. in Berlin.

Mark Milde and his Japanese favourites

Race Director Mark Milde, who is...

Press Conference Highlights - Monday, September 20th, 2004

Rüdiger Otto, Managing Director of SCC-RUNNING

Rüdiger Otto expects for the coming real,- BERLIN MARATHON an

‘outstanding and spectacular race’, like the years before.

“The starting signal at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON will be given by

Manfred von Richthofen along with the ‚golden’ women’s

hockey-team from the Olympics. In hopefully good weather the real,- BERLIN

MARATHON will stand beside New York, Chicago, and London in the forefront of

the world.”

Annika Schramm, Spokesperson real,- (main...

Focus on Kenyans Limo and Rutto

Next Sunday’s real,- BERLIN MARATHON will mark the start of a series of

high class autumn marathon races. Two weeks later the LaSalle Bank Chicago

Marathon (10th October) will follow. And on 7th November the New York City

Marathon will be started. These three races traditionally form the highlights

of the autumn races.

Berlin and Chicago

Concerning the results of the elite runners in recent years Berlin and Chicago

were in the centre of the focus. Looking back for a couple of years no other...

Jul 2004

On the loneliness of the long distance runner: Literature marathon for the first time as part of the “international literature festival berlin”

On the loneliness of the long distance runner — that is

the motto of two readings on running which will take place as part of this

year’s 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON, which for the first time will take

place in cooperation with the 4th international literature festival

berlin (ilb).

The slogan is at the same time a reference to Alan Sillitoe

(London), who became famous around the world with his short story

“The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner“,

published in 1959. Since then the (supposed)...

Sep 2004

"The “Cult Run”- One more week until the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON

The tradition - The “Cult Run”- one week beforehand One week before

the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON, on Sunday, September 19, 2004, the traditional

“Cult Run” and remembrance run will be jogged on the original

marathon course from 1974, parallel to the Avus highway! The start is at 9 a.m.

at the same spot where it was started in 1974 at Waldschulallee 80 in

Charlottenburg near Mommsen Stadium. Horst Milde, who called the BERLIN

MARATHON into life 30 years ago, will sound the starting shot as is...

Last year’s champions Carlos Betancur and Julie Glass will be at the start

For the first time, the finals of the World Inline Cup (WIC) will take place

within the framework of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for inline skaters. The

skaters’ race, which will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 25 on

the boulevard Straße des 17. Juni, will be staging top athletes once

again. The most important competition of the year, the 8th race of the WIC

series, is being awaited with great expectation. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON,

with about 8,000 inline skaters, is by far the largest...

Three world-class Kenyans at the start in Berlin, Yoko Shibui hopes to continue the Japanese series of victories

The will be an extraordinarily strong elite field at the start of the real,-

BERLIN MARATHON on September 26. Among the 35,000 runners there will be three

Kenyans with world-class best times of under 2:07 hours. This will be the first

time in the history of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, which last year produced the

standing world record through the 2:04:55 finish by Paul Tergat (Kenya), that

there will be such a cluster of top athletes of that level of excellence.

“We are pleased to be able to...

Pacemakers at the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

We are publishing this notice in English as well, even though it is

directed at the “local“ runners in Berlin, in order to let everyone

know that this running service is offered at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON.

Interested runners of all nationalities can take advantage of this opportunity

to to help them achieve their desired times!

In the past few years the organisers of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON have

sought out experienced marathon runners to help the “less

experienced“ runners and beginners to...

The 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on the internet

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON will offer a wide variety of live information along

with the inline skating and running events on their website On the days before, during an after the marathon

weekend, the Berlin internet server will likely record over a million

pages visited. The internet preparation for the 2-day event has

already been going on for many weeks.

Alone on Sunday afternoon, several hundred thousand internet pages will be

visited. Most important for those...

Aug 2004

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON booked out for runners

The 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 26th is booked out for runners.

Now that the limit of 35,000 athletes has been reached, SCC RUNNING will not be

accepting any more registrations for the running spectacle. The real,- BERLIN

MARATHON will start at 9 a.m. on September 26th on the boulevard Straße

des 17. Juni and will end as it did last year in the area around the

Brandenburg Gate.

For inlineskaters are sufficient starting spots still availabe,


For the inline skaters, who for...

Jul 2004

Thank you for your year-long loyalty to the BERLIN MARATHON

Dear BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club members,

We are pleased to send you the newest edition of Running News with

information on everything that is going on with respect to running and the


In our last letter we were a little too brief in informing you about the

changes going on within our organisational structures of leadership.

As you probably know by now, after 30 years heading the BERLIN MARATHON and

40 years organising races (the first cross country race was on November 8,


2nd International Congress for Endurance and Sport Medicine

After its successful premiere in 2002, the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS

FOR ENDURANCE AND SPORT MEDICINE will take place in cooperation with

the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON from September 23-25, 2004.

The focus this year will be:

New demands on medicine: The athlete — a special


Immobility on the one hand, with its health and socio-political

consequences, and sport on the other, which assists one’s individual

fitness, represent the current trends in Germany, as well as a challenge for... Webb – New Name, Hot Property

We continue our short series of interviews and mini-features focused on some of

the new names who have made such a dramatic impact on our sport this summer. We

began with Bahrain’s Rashid Ramzi but now we profile the American miler

Alan Webb who the pundits are beginning to label with the same qualities as

American running greats such as Jim Ryun and Steve Prefontaine. Revival of Webb

in the Mile

Reston, Virginia, USA - It took 3:53.42 for Alan Webb to be christened as

the next greatest American...

Apr 2004

Rush on the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

It is still over five months until the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September

25-26, 2004, but the organisers from SCC RUNNING can already report a rush for

registration by participants from around the world.

Following its success last year, the inline skating marathon, the largest of

its kind in the world, will again take place separately on Saturday, September

25--this time in the morning. The marathon of the runners, power walkers,

wheelchair competitors and, new this year, hand cyclists,...