Newsarchiv Kiplagat leads 13,000 women in Scotland

Glasgow, UK - Lornah Kiplagat sounded a warning to Paula Radcliffe after

yesterday (Sunday 16 May) winning Great Britains biggest women-only 10,000

metres in Glasgow, Scotland for the fifth successive year.

No fears of Radcliffe in Athens

The woman who memorably ended the World marathon record-holders unbeaten

individual sequence in Puerto Rico, says she has no fears about meeting her in


"I don mind what event she does," said Kiplagat. "I never

even ask who is going to race against me. Thats not my problem, but I like

Paula and I like racing her. She runs like me, does her own thing and doesn

worry about others. She gets on with the race and doesn step on your


No danger on Glasgows streets

Though almost two minutes slower than when she beat Radcliffe, there was

little danger of anyone getting in Kiplagats way as she won the twelfth edition

of the Britannic Asset Management 10k from a record field of 12,778 women in

what is Britains biggest women-only 10k. It started 12 years ago with just 800


After less than two kilometres (6:25) she was already clear, but with

skirling bagpipers playing at every kilometre post, and the streets thronged

with thousands of supporters, she was never alone.

Kiplagat, who holds the course record at 31:14, finished in 32:29,

collecting a £2000 prize.