Newsarchiv Roba wins in Nagano, as Atlanta’s Olympic champions experience mixed fortunes

Nagano, Japan - Moges Taye and Fatuma Roba of Ethiopia easily won the sixth

annual Nagano Marathon, today. Both ran the last part of the course alone, Taye

having broken away from the mens leaders around 13.5Km, and Roba doing the same

after 30Km in the womens race. Taye clocked 2:13:09 while Roba ran 2:28:05.

Shigekatsu Kondo (the fastest Japanese runner in the field) initially led

the race ahead of a chasing pack of seven runners - Josiah Thugwane, Adam

Dobrzynski, Moges Taye, Alemayehu Simretu, Roderic De Highden, Satoshi Watanabe

and Manabu Itayama.