The Jubilee-Club

of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is one of the world's most renowned sporting events. The success of this traditional event truly depends on its participants. The Jubilee Club is a way of paying tribute to those who come back again and again.

The Jubilee Club unites all inline skaters who have successfully completed the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating ten times or more. Membership is free of charge and offers its community numerous benefits, but it is not automatic. The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating awards a special pink bib to its members. This special bib number is reserved for you for life, so you can wear it again and again at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating, as well as at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON Inline Skating, which is sure to attract some extra cheers.

The Jubilee Club currently has more than 850 members from 17 countries. With 26 participations, Detlef Nowak leads the men's ranking. In the women's category, Steffi Kraut, Kerstin Mai, Anke Koplin and Simone Hempel share the top spot with 22 successful participations. 
It takes a lot of motivation and discipline to join this elite circle!

We are thrilled about this loyalty, some of which has lasted for decades! You deserve our greatest respect!

Current info

Jubilee Club Regulations

Our Jubilee Club is growing and from time to time we need to adjust the rules of membership. In order to continue to enjoy the benefits (guaranteed race entry, Jubilee number, etc.) please confirm the current Jubilee Club Regulations via your user account. By activerly rejecting the Jubilee Club Regulations, your membership will be deactivated. You will lose all benefits of the Jubilee Club. Subsequent agreement is possible at any time under the menu item "Jubilee Club" in your user account.

Jubilee Data

Once registered as Jubilee, your data will be permanently stored for you in your user account. Here you can change or update your details such as best time, best experience or club at any time and upload a profile picture. To do so, log in to your user account and open the menu item "Jubilee Club". If you do not see your Jubilee data here, please write to us at

What the Jubilee Club provides

  • Your bib number will have a pink background, which clearly distinguishes Jubilee members from the other participants and makes them easily recognisable to the spectators.
    The allocation of the Jubilee race numbers is determined by the receipt of the applications. We ask for your understanding that personal preferences cannot be taken into account. You will receive your pink number at the extra pick-up area for Jubilee members, which is marked accordingly and is usually located on one of the outer sides, at the MARATHON EXPO.

  • You can have a pink race number for your back printed out with your name and the number of times you have completed the BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating events in the Jubilee Club Lounge at the MARATHON EXPO. The privilege of having a number on your back is reserved for Jubilee Club members only and will bring you extra attention on the course.

  • All newly admitted Jubilee members will receive a special certificate for their 10th particiption as well as a red Jubilee shirt. In addition, we will issue you a membership card, which grants you access to the exclusive Jubilee Lounge during the MARATHON EXPO.

  • If you have finished 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 times at the BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating, you will receive a free race entry from us for the following year. Your access code along with all information for your registration and a special anniversary certificate will be sent to you automatically and separately by email.

  • The Jubilee Lounge consists of a separate space on the grounds of the MARATHON EXPO as part of  the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. You can gain access to the lounge with your Jubilee membership card. Here, Thomas will be waiting for you in his function as head of department and contact person for all questions concerning the Jubilee Club.The Jubilee Lounge is also a get-together for the marathon scene, where the international Jubilee community can meet for snacks and drinks and conversation. The chilled-out atmosphere is a great place to relax before the full action on race-day Saturday. As a special bonus for stopping to visit us in the Jubilee Lounge, you can pick up a pink race number for your back with your name and the number of races you have completed at the BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. This "extra bonus" is reserved for members of the Jubilee Club.

Registration for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating

Membership does not exempt our Jubilee members from having to register as usual for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating every year
Log in to your user account, select the event tile of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on the start page and then choose the competition Inline Skating. Follow the registration process and complete the registration process by submitting your payment details.

Please note: Registration is done regularly and is only posible during the official registration periode. Unlike the discipline "running", race entries for inline skating are not allocated by lottery. Therefore, there is no separate regulation for registration.

Registration for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating 2024 is possible until August 29th, 2024.