The winners

Of the 13th Drawing competition in 2018

Dear Kids,

We would like to present the winning drawings for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON created under the motto “Running is Fun – Running with Others is Even More Fun!” Congratulations to all the winners!

The orginazers of the drawing competition „Running and skating is fun – together all is even more fun“ by the BMW Berlin Marathon and SCC EVENTS say many thanks to all children worldwide which send drawings to Berlin. This year – it was the 13th competition – we received 1.503 drawings! It was not easy to select the best of all.The drawings which submitted in the contest were exhibited during the marathon trade fair BERLIN VITAL from 13 September until 15 September in the main hall of the former Tempelhof-airfield.



Kids age 4 - 6 years

1. Place

BMW Berlin-Marathon


Sophie Walek-Koch, 4 years from Hamm

2. Place

Viele Spaß bei Marathon!


Matthias Langshuo Tian, 5 years from Frankfurt am Main

2. Place



Anton Herbst, 5 years from Marktoberdorf


Our sponsors and partners



Kids from 4 - 6 years

1. Place

Spaß beim Skaten


Helena Böhm, 5 years from Bernau

2. Place

Im Ziel


Liiva Kunga, 6 years from Berlin

3. Place



Teodora Staskova, 4 years from Berlin

Kids from 7 - 9 years

1. Place

Berliner Girl Power


Emma Hasenbank, 9 years from Braunschweig

2. Place

Laufen macht Spaß – 44. Berlin Marathon


Lina Glutsch, 9 years from München

3. Place

Ein Mal um die Welt


Zoe Mueller, 8 years from Berlin

Kids from 10 - 14 years

1. Place

Jeder kann gewinnen


Tea Konkova, 10 years from Berlin

2. Place

Die Sportzwillinge in Berlin


Emilia Lou Bauer, 12 years from Schrecksbach

3. Place

Mädchen gewinnen


Ete Konkova, 12 years from Berlin



Kids age 4 - 6 years

1. Place

BMW Berlin Marathon


Cheuk Hang Ip, 6 years from Hong Kong (China)

2. Place

Go, go, go


Eric Chen, 6 years from San Diego (USA)

3. Place

Running and skating in natural


Lau Ying Hei, 5 years from Hong Kong (China)

Kids age 7 - 9 years

1. Place

Thanks and friends


Maksim Cheng Yuen Chi , 7 years from Hong Kong (China)

2. Place

Skate together


Ching Tung Tam, 9 years from Hong Kong (China)

3. Place

The Competition


Katerina Schukareva, 8 years from Odessa (Ukraine)

Kids age 10 - 14 years

1. Place

To be or not to be


Taffy Chen, 11 years from Franklin Park (USA)

2. Place

Tears of defeat


Doniyor Abduzahmonov, 12 years from Shakhrisabz (Uzbekistan)

3. Place

May the Force be with you!


Nina Khmelyova, 12 years from Smolensk (Russland)