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AIMS – Association of International Marathon and Road Races

AIMS was firmly established in May 1982 with its first World Congress in London. For two years before then informal meetings had been held in New York, Honolulu and other venues by some of the worlds leading marathon race directors with a view to setting up such an association.


The original intention was to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas that would help to improve each attending race directors event. Articles of Association were later written to go beyond this and set some basic rules to govern the Association and membership.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • to foster and promote road running throughout the world;
  • to work with the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) on all matters relating to international road races, and;
  • to exchange information, knowledge and expertise among the members of the Association.

From those beginnings many years ago, AIMS has made remarkable progress. At the 5th World Congress of AIMS held in 1989 in Melbourne, membership was extended beyond marathons to include all road races.

The major force of road running throughout the world

AIMS has become the major force behind the development and progress of road running throughout the world. From 28 members in 1982 it has grown to over 200 members in more than 70 countries, including nearly all the worlds premier marathons and many major road races at other distances. AIMS has set firm standards of course measurement. The IAAF has recognized and adopted the AIMS system as its standard. All AIMS members are required to have their courses so measured.

AIMS continues to co-operate with the IAAF in holding course measurement seminars in various parts of the world, and in questions relating to doping control.

"Marathon Yearbook 1985"

In 1985 for the first time the "Marathon Yearbook" was published with 50 pages in DIN A 5 size. Chris Brasher, formerly first president of AIMS and race director of London Marathon published this yearbook – Fred Lebow, the legendary race director of the New York City-Marathon and Hiroaki Chosa from Fukuoka Marathon had been Vice presidents at this time.

right: "Marathon Yearbook 1990" with the frontpage and picture form the start of the BERLIN-MARATHON in front of the Brandenburg Gate - with the Berlin Wall (in the background).

Now "Distance Running"

The IAAF contributes to the publication of a joint magazine with AIMS,now named "Distance Running", in DIN A 4 size with 90 coloured pages which is distributed worldwide to 400,000 runners participating in AIMS member events.

AIMS and IAAF recognizes world fastest times on the road, and is working with the IAAF on acceptable criteria for joint recognition of world road records.

AIMS acknowledges and is grateful to all the organizations, institutions and sponsors who support and co-operate with the Association in its efforts to develop the sport of road running.

right picture: ad from BERLIN-MARATHON in "Marathon Yearbook 1985 with the start in front of the "Reichstag" 1984.

AIMS has excellent relations with its sponsors. The ASICS Corporation has been AIMS major sponsor for some years and joint projects include the AIMS/ASICS Athletes of the Year Awards. Citizen Watch Co. co-operates with AIMS to recognize world road records. Sammy Corporation (games technology), Konica Corporation, Rohm Company (microchips), all continue to be generous sponsors.

AIMS enjoys close relationships with its suppliers, ChampionChip, 1000km Promotions and These partners offer pioneering services to AIMS members, mediated by personal attention to their specific requirements.

right picture: The foreword of Chris Brasher in the first edition of the "Marathon Yearbook" 1985

Develop running

AIMS continues to develop running by exchanging information and expertise with road race organizers throughout the world. AIMS continues to promote a great sport, running, through close relationships with all the above supporters.

Hugh Jones (winner of the 1st London Marathon 1981) is general secretary of AIMS.

Hiroaki Chosa (JPN)

President of AIMS is now Hiroaki Chosa (JPN), vice-presidents are Domingo Amaison (Buenos Aires) and Allan Steinfeld (New York City).

The Board of Directors of AIMS:

Al Boka (Las Vegas), Wim Verhoorn (Enschede), Carlos Moya (Lissabon), Horst Milde (Berlin), Gordon Rogers (Vancouver), Nick Bitel (London), Guy Morse (Boston), Jim Moberly (Honolulu), Peter McLean (Glasgow), Dr. David Martin (Atlanta), Ahmed A. Shariff (Tanzania), Francisco Boroa (Valencia), Dave Cundy (Gold Coast/AUS).

AIMS World Congress 2005 in Valencia

The 15th AIMS World Congress will take place from February 17-19, 2005 in Valencia, Spain-in connection with the 25th Valencia Marathon on Sunday, February 20.

AIMS has found a permanent place in the world of running, is respected by the IAAF, and with its ideas and visions, it will continue to be an innovator and multiplier in both the athletic and technical areas of the sport of running.

Horst Milde

You can find more cover pages of the AIMS "Marathon Yearbooks from 1985 - 1991 here

Front cover 1985: New York City Marathon

Front cover 1988 Nr.1: London Marathon - Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) - poses as winner in front of the Tower-Bridge

Front cover 1988 Nr. 2: Melbourne Marathon, 21-old runner finishing in 3:01:00

Front cover 1989 Nr. 1: 92. Boston Marathon - Ibrahim Hussein (KEN) crossing the finish-line as winner

Front cover 1990 Nr. 1: Vienna City Marathon - refreshing station on the Heldenplatz

Front cover 1990 Nr. 2: 16. BERLIN-MARATHON - in the background the Berlin wall and the Brandenburg Gate

Front cover 1991 Nr 1: Rotterdam Marathon - Hiromi Taniguchi (JPN) - winner 1990 in 2:10:56

Latest edition of "Distance Running" 2005: