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Bewags huge banner of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON "starts" in New York

The huge banner which at the start of this years real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

September 30 referred in a very particular manner to the current political

situation in the world will go on a trip. In a way similar to that in Berlin,

it will be draped over the athletes participating in the New York City Marathon

on November 4, 2001 and send out a political signal to the world at large.

The huge banner has a size of about 25 x 40 meters. It bears the logo of the

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and of the New York City Marathon and displays the

slogan: "United We Run".

With this motto, the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON wants to demonstrate its

heartfelt solidarity with the American people and in particular its close links

to the New York City Marathon.

As already demonstrated in Berlin, the tens of thousands of runners from all

over the world taking part in it will show the importance of sports and in

particular of marathons for uniting the peoples of the world.

Just like in the German capital, in New York, too, volunteers will help the

runners unfold the banner.

The action was made possible by the Bewag AG the major shareholder of which

is the American energy corporation Mirant. In a spontaneous action, Bewag had

stated shortly before the marathon race that it was ready to bear the costs of

the banner. About 40 staff-members of the company took part in the real,-


Reinhard Heitzmann, spokesman of the Bewag AG: "The horrible events of

September 11 in New York and in Washington caused a great shock in our company.

We appreciate what America did for Berlin over the past decades. By displaying

the huge banner at the start of this years marathon in Berlin and in New York,

we want to manifest our solidarity with our partners in America and with the

American people".