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I believe our marathon runners did a good job - not a great job - US marathoners

In our introductory report on the 10th IAAF World Championships

in Helsinki, we mentioned that the USA would be represented by 30

runners in the races from 800m to the marathon distance, while Germany

would start only 3 participants.

The USA entered 10 runners in the marathon, while Germany did not start

any runners at all. Luminita Zaituc had been nominated, but she

withdrew, however, due to injuries.

How the German runners are to gather experience, especially in light of

the European Championships next year in Göteborg, the Olympic Games in

Peking in 2008, and the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 in their

own country remains a mystery by the DLV (German Track and Field

Association) and their trainers.

It will be terrible for the spectators if there are no German runners

participating in Berlin in 2009, with whom they can identify.