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Press conference Highlights (part 2) - Friday, 2004 September 24th

Chad Hedrick, Top Inline-Skater (USA)

Why did you changed from inline skating to ice-skating?

„My biggest dream is to compete at the Olympics. Inline skating

isn’t an Olympic event - therefore I had to decide. Changing to speed

skating is very popular and that is why the decision wasn’t that hard. I

have won after less than two years the world-cup for ice-skating in


Who will win on Saturday and what is your tactic like?

„It is hard to say who will win tomorrow. There are a lot of good

skaters and I think at least 15 of them have a possibility to win the real,-

BERLIN MARATHON. The best strategy is winning normally, but Berlin is a fast

and flat course where tactic isn’t so important. I think it will be a

mass sprint at the end. Normally the tactic is very important, like at the

Tour-de-France. Seize and strength of the team plays a big role.”

Julie Glass, last years winner, Inline-Skates (USA)

What have you done for preparations for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON?

„I have trained this year as good as the last year. I am feeling very

good and I am in the same form as last year. Sure I want and will win again the

real,- BERLIN MARATHON. The competitors are very strong, but I will win. I am

proud to be an American, as well as all the other Americans. By the way I also

changed to the ice-skating.”

Errol Marklein, multiple German Paralympics winner on Handbike

Tell us about Handbike:

„Handbike is for handicapped athletes who want to be as fast as the

non-handicapped. More and more athletes discover the advantages of the

handbike. You don’t need train to handle it. For the wheelchair you need

a special training. Also you are faster than the wheelchair. With an average

speed of 30km/h you are very fast and you can easily keep pace with bicycles.

The quality of a handbike is so good you really can compare it with a racing


What do want achieve at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON?

„I want to set a new record and ride under 1:05. That would be an

average of 38km/h and this is almost as fast as an inline-skater. I will not be

slower then 35km/h and with a wheelchair that would be never possible. The most

important thing is that handicapped don’t shrink back because of speed.

We will document that we can compete everywhere and that we don’t shun

the progress. I hope we can convince a lot of handicapped people to compete at

a marathon with a handbike. This is such a great scenery here in Berlin!

“ Is it another feeling on the handbike in comparison to the


„Yes, definitely. It is much easier to handle. At the premiere from

the handbike they will be about 150 athletes and I am excited how many it will

be next year. I hope we can convince many people and not only handicapped.

“ What is the size of your upper arm?

„That is a good question. I think at the moment it is 42 cm. I am in a

good shape and I am happy to compete for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON.”