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Press Conference Highlights - Saturday, 2004, September 25th

Cecilia Baena, Winner from Columbia (1:17:08)

How were your impressions about your first real,- BERLIN-MARATHON?

„I liked it very much. The course is perfect and the audience is

fantastic. Unfortunately it rained before the start, so the streets were wet at

the beginning of the race. “

Do you want to come next year again to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON?

„It depends on my sponsors and my coaches. It is a nice race and I

really want to come again next year.”

You are just 17 years old, what have you won so far?

„In the last years I have been 17 times junior world champion. And

since I am a senior I won three times a world championship.”

Since when are you skating?

„Since I am three years old. In Columbia you have Inline-skating on

the timetable at school.”

Do you want to change to Ice-skating?

„No not right now. We neither have a winter nor an ice-skating track.

When we want to train on the ice we have to go somewhere else. Maybe in the

next years and then I want to go to Salt Lake City.”

For the first time Columbia was better than the USA – why?

„We have in Columbia really good coaches, a very good organisation and

the preparation is excellent. They invest a lot for inline-skating and we get

very good support. We have also many good races back home and that is very good

for learning.”

Julie Glass, 2nd place from the USA (1:17:08)

Why haven’t you won today?

„It was a very good race although conditions were not the best. At the

end of the race it was better because the streets were dry. In the mass sprint

at the end I was not good enough. “

Since 10 months you train on ice in Salt Lake City. Is it hard to switch


„Yes, for me it was hard. You have closer curves and the shoes

don’t feel the same. But it is good for training in winter that you are

fit for the season on inline-skates.

What are your biggest successes?

„I was 17 times world champion and want to win at the Olympics in 2006

and in 2010.”

Laura Lardani, 3rd place from Italy (1:17:09)

What do you say about the race?

„This was my best result at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. It is my

second time here in Berlin and last year I was fourth. Now I am third so in two

years I will win the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. The race was very good. The

audience is super. It is the most important race for me.”

Roger Schneider, Winner from Switzerland (1:04:43)

Did you count on a win today?

„Well, a lot of skaters tried to get away from the field, especially

the Suisse team. The problem of the other teams from today was that they

observed each other. They haggled too much. But I think that they knew I cannot

endanger them in the ranking of the World-Inline-Cup.”

How often do you train a day?

„I train just once a day. 80% of my time I spend working as a

carpenter in Zurich.”

What is your secret?

„I have trained this year to be at the end of the season in my best

shape. The Suisse-Inline-Cup is a very good training for me.”

Why aren’t you in a better position at the World-Inline-Cup?

„I have just competed at the races in Europe, at the two races in

America I haven’t been.”

Luca Saggiorato, 2nd place from Italy (1:05:00)

Have you been not serious enough with Roger Schneider?

„I am a little bit sad for my team but we just paid attention to the

other teams. We have almost forgotten about the Suisse. In a mass sprint I

would have been the winner for sure. “

Massimiliano Presti, 3rd place from Italy (1:05:00)

„I am also a little bit sad about the end of the race. It is one of

the best races of the world and it is sad that we didn’t win the race. I

am the team leader and I won enough this season. This time I raced for Luca.

Today he was simply the better one of us.”