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Stephan Freigang confirms his participation at the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON, already about 9,500 people registered for the spring event

SCC RUNNING, the organisers of the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON, have already received about 9,500 registrations for the event on April 3.

Among those registered is Stephan Freigang (SC DHfK Leipzig).

Registration for the 25th anniversary race is still possible at the reduced rate of 25 Euro until Friday, February 25. After that date the registration fee will go up by 5 Euros.

Runners, walkers, inline skaters, wheelchair athletes, hand cyclists - and a 3,5 km FUN-RUN

On April 3 at the big spring start of the season, in addition to runners and walkers, there will once again be inline skaters, wheelchair athletes, and hand cyclists, as well. The Bewag FUN RUN (3.5 km) will take place parallel to the event, an ideal race for youth and beginning runners. At the fairgrounds “am Funkturm” on the day before the race there will be a bambini run for kids up to age 10.

Freigang has won the BERLIN HALF MARATHON twice

Stephan Freigang is the first of the top athletes to be announced by Race Director Mark Milde. In the next few weeks further elite runners will follow. The 37-year-old Freigang has won the BERLIN HALF MARATHON twice already: in 1990 he triumphed in the first half marathon leading through the east and west in 62:25, and two years later he improved his victory with a top time of 61:14.

BERLIN-MARATHON 4th in 2:09:45

Stephan Freigang also ran his personal best marathon time in Berlin: in 1990 he came in 4th in the BERLIN MARATHON in 2:09:45. In 1992, Stephan Freigang won a sensational bronze medal in the marathon at the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Last year in inclement weather he missed the qualification for the Olympics and was not nominated for Athens.

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