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The illustrated book on the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

The official book on the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004 is here (for a little

while now already)!

After celebrating its successful premiere in 2003, it has already becoming a

good tradition:

A representative illustrated book which keeps alive the moving events of the

last weekend in September in Berlin for all eternity with colourful photos. Who

doesn’t want to peruse the pages and relive one’s own moments of

joy and success, and maybe also moments of pain and suffering at the 31st

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004.

Impressive colour photos

This volume, which includes at least a three-digit

number of impressive colour photos (I haven’t taken the time to actually

count all of them!), is sparse on words—pictures do say more than 1000

words.< The written text is limited primarily to information on the photos

themselves (including the names of the persons depicted).

This quality edition is framed with a preface by the Race Director of the

BERLIN-MARATHON, Mark Milde, who described the excellent international position

of the BERLIN- MARATHON, emphasising once again what good international

promotion it is for the healthy sport of running:

“We can be proud of this 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. And I would

especially like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my organisational

team at SCC-RUNNING. We are all looking forward to the 32nd real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON on September 24 and 25, 2005.

The names of the members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee


At the end of the book, all of the now over 1000 members of the BERLIN-MARATHON

Jubilee Club, who have finished at least 10 BERLIN-MARATHONS, are listed by

name. The list starts with Bernd Hübner with the race number 201 (he is

the only one to have participated in every marathon!) and ends with Andrea

Emmenegger (RF 22).

One can read the book while simply paging through it. And if you sit down

with it, you are certain gobble it up in one breath…it is a pleasure for

the eyes and an easy read.

Chronology of the running events

How is the book set up?

In a certain respect, one can look at it as a chronology of the running events.

It depicts the BERLIN-MARATHON weekend from the beginning to the end,

addressing all of the races: the Breakfast Run and

the Bambini Run for the smallest athletes,

the inline skating race over the marathon distance on Saturday, as well


the real,- MINI-MARATHON for the school children,

the hand cycling and the wheelchairs race,

and of course

the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on Sunday.

The photos show the races from the viewpoint of the elite athletes, as well

as from the vantage point of ”you and me“. Each runner can

empathise with the runners depicted, and maybe you can even find yourselves

hidden in one of the numerous photos of the masses if you look


Required reading (in english too)

The illustrated book should be required reading for everyone who participated

in the BERLIN-MARATHON 2004—but also as a tantalising

“appetizer“ for everyone who hopes to participate for the first

time in 2005.

And even more: The BERLIN-MARATHON has recently been considered to be a

”moving human piece of art”, and this volume is so to say the book

to the masterpiece — but is it not in itself already a work of art?

Judge for yourselves …

The Official Book on the

31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON in DIN-4 format with a hard cover

contains 148 pages and is produced by

l avinja GmbH & Co KG,

Fürther Str. 212 in

D-90429 Nürnberg,

Tel. 0911/395779-90,

Fax. 0911/395779-99

published by WESSP-Verlag,

Gundelfinder Str. 20

D-90451 Nürnberg

Norbert Wilhelmi is responsible for the idea and conception, as well as for

the text (together with Maren Cargnelli).

The photos come from 6 internationally acclaimed photographers and photographic


The book (ISBN 9999951-11-X)

costs € 24.80

and can be ordered online at

Dr. Detlef Kuhlmann