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Two more months until the anniversary half marathon on April 3

There are two months until the anniversary half marathon: The 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON over a distance of exactly 21.0975 km will get Berlin running again on April 3, 2005. Germany’s largest half marathon, organised by SCC RUNNING, is starting to cast its shadow.

Last year, 17,046 athletes from 63 countries participated in the sightseeing tour through the city. The runners, inline skaters, walkers, wheelchair athletes, and hand cyclists start of the running season with this spring classic, making it into a family festival, with a 3.5 km FUN RUN through the centre of Berlin and an 800m race on Saturday for the littlest ones up to age 10 at the Funkturm Radio Tower.

We start off the running year 2005

“With the anniversary of the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 3, we start off the running year 2005 with not only a highlight among the elite races but also of running among the masses. We would like to set new standards with this race, as the half marathon is up and coming,” said Mark Milde, the race director.

To train seriously

The most important thing for joggers and beginner runners is to train seriously during the winter season. Bernd Hübner offers a training run every Sunday at 9:30 through the Grunewald Forest. The meeting point is Mommsen Stadium at the corner of Waldschulallee/Harbigstraße.

No registration is necessary.

Another very successful and free training session has been offered for over 3 years in the Tiergarten, organized jointly by RBB (Radio) and SCC-RUNNING.

Training starts every Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Siegessäule (Victory Column) on the corner of Hofjägerallee, led by John Kunkeler and numerous other trainers from SCC-RUNNING. It has since become the largest and most important meeting point for training in the Berlin running scene.

3.5 km FUN-RUN

One can get the latest tips there for preparation for the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON – or for the beginners, of course, to help to prepare for the 3.5 km FUN RUN/walking race on the boulevard Unter den Linden.

Very special service

For those runners who do not wish to participate in any of the group training offered, SCC RUNNING has now set up a very special service: the new online training planner for preparing for the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON.

This professional service was developed by the former world class runner Uta Pippig and the sport scientist Jürgen Lock from the medical team of SCC-RUNNING and thus can offer both the untrained runner as well as an ambitioned competitor the chance for optimal preparation for the traditional Berlin race.

The free online training planner can be found on the internet at:

It is a personalised plan for 10 weeks, which is based on the individual situation, thus guaranteeing the best training success. One is neither pushed too hard nor not enough and can then train according to one’s exact personal requirements.

Whoever plans on enjoying the 21.0975 km run through Berlin at the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 3, 2005 should have started their training by now at the latest.