Important Information at one Glance

Is there a meeting point for families and friends?

You are able to meet up with your family and friends after the race in the family reunion area in front of the Paul-Löbe-Haus at the sign with the first letter of your last name.

Is it possible to cross the course?

It is possible to cross the course but please take account of the runners. Crossing the Marathon cours is only possible in the finsish area at the Pariser Platz. Please follow the instructions of the helpers.

Will there be seats for the spectators in the finish area?

There will be stands on both sites right before the finish.This stands are for free. Your families and friends can watch you finishing live or on a big screen.

Is there a live broadcast of the event?

Yes, a live stream will be hosted on Facebook. You can follow our official page here.

Tips for the best viewing spots

If you want to experience the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating as a spectator, you will have the opportunity to watch the skaters at multiple spots along the course. Please keep in mind, that the race's pace is incredibly fast, so following a spectating schedule along the course can be difficult to realize. Making a plan and taking the anticipated intermediate skating times into account is essential here. Especially if you want to support one particular skater.

Our official event app brings you closer to one of the world’s largest running and inline skating events. Equipped with valuable information and great features it’s the most useful tool to get ready for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON’s unique atmosphere. More info nd download here.

Follow the learders

The following combinations are great if you would like to see the leaders multiple times ( we recommend using a bike)

  •     Start(KM 0) – Kanzleramt oder Brücke Konrad Adenauer Str. (KM 7) – Ziel (KM 42)
  •     Siegessäule (KM 1) – Halbmarathon (KM 21) – Potsdamer Platz (KM 38) – Ziel (KM 42)
  •     Friedrichstadtpalast (KM 8) – Potsdamer Platz (KM 38) – Ziel (KM 42)


More interesting viewing points...

  •     KM 15 – Kottbusser Tor
  •     KM 17 – Hermannplatz
  •     KM 26 – Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz
  •     KM 28 – Wilder-Eber
  •     KM 29 – Roseneck Platz
  •     KM 35 – Hohenstaufen Str./ Ecke Martin-Luther-Str.


Major tourist attractions

  •     KM 0,6 – Siegessäule (Victory Column)
  •     KM 6,5 – Bundeskanzleramt (Federal CHancellery) and Reichstag
  •     KM 8  – Friedrichstadtpalast
  •     KM 12 – Strausberger Platz
  •     KM 23 – Rathaus Schöneberg (City Hall)
  •     KM 28,5  – Wilder Eber
  •     KM 38  – National Gallery and the Philarmonics
  •     KM 38,5 – Potsdamer Platz
  •     KM 41 – Unter den Linden
  •     KM 42 – Brandenburg Gate