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Correction: Lisbon Half Marathon not 40 metres short

Editors of apologize for a mistake that occurred in a

recent press release which was published on our web site. It was stated that

the Lisbon Half Marathon was 40 metres short. The race was won by Rodgers Rop

last Sunday in 59:49 minutes. This happened due to a translation mistake by a

third person involved. In the correct German version it read that the Lisbon

course has an overall drop of 40 metres. This is a well known fact, while of

course we all know that there is no speculation of a short course concerning

Lissabon’s Half Marathon.

Organisers and editors of the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON, which will be

staged next Sunday, apologize for this mistake. We are sorry for any

inconvenience this may have caused to organisers of the Lisabon Half