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Message of greeting of the Federal chancellor of The Federal Republic of Germany, Gerhard Schröder

The mythical messenger who carried the news of victory from Marathon was

portrayed on the medal for the first BERLIN MARATHON on October 13, 1974.

Certainly, no one knew then that this premiere would be the start of a new era

in running in Berlin.

Again this

year, the event that is well known far beyond the borders of the city will take

place for the 31st time.

And there is no end of the enthusiasm—of both the athletes and the

spectators—in sight. The BERLIN MARATHON is a very successful event, with

the top international athletes participating year after year.

The success of this prestigious running event is also in part due to the

fact that other disciplines are excellently integrated into the marathon

course—I’m thinking of the inline skating and power walking. I

would also like to especially emphasize that wheelchair athletes have been

mastering the over 42 km course since 1981.

I am certain that all of the participants can expect to experience not only

an excellently organised sporting event at the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON, but

that they will also enjoy a course that is a tourist attraction, as well,

passing by numerous historical sights of Berlin.

The capital city and the spectators are eagerly looking forward to the 31st

real,- BERLIN MARATHON. As the honorary host of this event, I am confident that

again this year many athletes and guests from all around the world will find

their way here to Berlin.

Yours sincerely

Gerhard Schröder

The federal chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany