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Press conference Highlights

Mizuki Noguchi (JPN), winner in 2:19:12 hours (new course, Japanese

and Asian record)

Mizuki Noguchi: „I am happy about my victory and the three records

– the Japanese record, the Asian record and the course record. The

course is really flat and nice to run. The slight ups and downs helped

me to find my rhythm. My coach told me not to worry about split times.

I have to thank the fabulous spectators, who cheered me all the way to

the finish. I am so happy to have run here.”

What did you like about the course the most and did you have

any problems?

Mizuki Noguchi: “I saw a lot of churches and quite old buildings.

But I also saw very nice shops and everywhere people. The race was good,

only at 35 k my feet started to get heavy. But I thought of my training

and I grit my teeth.”


Luminita Zaituc (GER) – runner up in 2:27:34

“I am happy with the second place, although the race was tough.

I never thought of giving up, also I had cramps at 30 k. I felt it already

at 15 k but wanted to finish the race.


Asale Tafa (ETH), third in 2:28:27

„I am satisfied with the results and it was nice to run here.“


Philip Manyim (KEN), winner in 2:07:41 hours

Philip Manyim: „I am very happy with my result, although it was

very hot. Some time in between I thought I need to drink something, to

get away with my life. It was my third marathon. Berlin is very nice and

I want to come back next year. When I was training in Kenya, I wanted

to win. But when I was here, sure I was a little bit afraid because there

were some athletes with a PB under 2:07. After 25 k, Mark Milde said to

me that when I want to win the race, I would have to go away now. And

it worked.”

When you finished you cried, why was that and what do you want

to do next?

Philip Manyim: “I was so happy to win my first big marathon. It

was so emotional because first I have not expected to win and second because

the conditions in Kenya are so bad. I am looking forward to go home and

plan my next season there. To win in Berlin means a lot to me, I will

share the money with my family and friends. We share everything in Kenya.”


Peter Chebet (KEN), runner up in 2:08:58

“I never thought of catching Philip, because I had so much to do

with the attacks of Jackson Koech. The race was good, but warm.”


Jackson Koech, third in 2:09:07

“I had no energy left on the home stretch, so I had to give up

the second place.”