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Distance Running and AIMS Races around the World

AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Road Races) and the IAAF

publish the running magazine “Distance Running“ three times a year

(circulation 400,000 per issue), in which the races of the member organisations

are listed. In the newest issue, January/April 2004, the dates for 175 races in

over 65 countries are listed for the period until April 2005.

"5" />On 78 colourful pages, the largest races in the world also advertise for

their events. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON and the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON are

represented with their ads, as well.

As can be seen, the cover page is decorated with a photo of the start of the

30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 28, 2003 on the Straße des 17.

Juni, with the Brandenburg Gate in the background.

In the article “Breaking through the Wall“, the world record

race by Paul Tergat in 2:04:55h and Sammy Korir 2:04:56h (both KEN), as well as

the masters world record by Andres Espinosa (MEX) in 2:08:46h are described,

together with photos. In another article entitled “The man who taught

Berlin running“, Race Director Horst Milde, who was honoured by IAAF

president Lamine Diack with the “IAAF Plaque of Merit“ at the IAAF

Council meeting in Berlin, received international acclaim.

AIMS is not only responsible for the worldwide introduction of the most

exact timekeeping on the courses, the chip timekeeping, but through year-long

negotiations, it has also accomplished that starting on January 1, 2004, the

IAAF will acknowledge now official world records for street races from the 10

km to the marathon.

"5" />We would like to explicitly thank and recognise AIMS, with president

HIROAKI CHOSA (JPN) at its head, for their years of hard work on the way to

this success. Results of races around the world, the world rankings for the 10

km, half marathon, and marathon (with a photo of Paul Tergat) are also

included, as well as the addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses,

websites, and contact information for the individual races.

Distance Running will be distributed (limited) to the participants at the

24th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON at the race number distribution from April 1-4,

2004 at the sports fair BERLIN VITAL at the Messe Berlin Fairgrounds at the

Radio Tower.

It is also possible to subscribe to the trade magazine. The magazine is

produced in Glasgow, Scotland – published by Hugh Jones, the General

Secretary of AIMS (London).



Horst Milde


Board of Directors