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World Indoors: Lagat wins 3,000 metres, Dulecha takes 1,500

Kenyan Bernard Lagat won his first IAAF World Championship title in Budapest.

But it was not in his usual event, the 1500 metres. Instead Lagat took the

3,000 m title in style. In a tactical race the 29 year-old clocked 7:56,34

minutes to win in front of Rui Silva (Portugal/7.57,08) and Markos Geneti

(7:57,87). The Ethiopian had been nominated on short notice as a reserve for

Haile Gebrselassie. Ethiopians superstar had cancelled his start due to an


“I am absolutely happy with this win because normally I don’t

run the 3,000 metres”, Bernard Lagat said. Still he did run a 3,000 metre

world final before. In 2001 he came in sixth at the World Indoors. It was Lagat

who was originally tested positive for EPO last summer. But as the B sample did

not confirm the first result he was not banned from competition. Lagat and

Geneti controlled the slow race from the front right after the start. When

finally Australian Craig Mottram put in some speed at the 2,000 m mark Lagat,

Geneti, Silva and Antonio David Jimenez followed. The Spaniard finally came in

fourth while Mottram could not cope with the pace and finished tenth. 180

metres to go and Geneti was beaten, while Silva tried to attack Lagat. But

there was no real danger for the Kenyan.

„During the whole race I was careful not to let anybody go away. That

was why I was at front right from the start”, Lagat said. Rui Silva was

more than happy with his silver. “I am really satisfied with this result.

It was a new experience for me because it was my first race at 3,000 m in a

championship. It was a difficult race – and in the end Lagat was too

strong for me. I could not get passed him”, Silva said.

It should have been her first gold medal at a World Championship. But for

Kelly Holmes the 1,500 metre final in Budapest ended in a disaster. She

finished ninth – at the very end of the field. Britain’s best ever

middle distance runner jogged into the finish clocking 4:12,30 minutes. It was

after 875 metres of the race when her golden dream ended with a shock. The 33

year-old fell to the floor. The disappointment must be enormous since it will

probably be never again so easy to win a World Championship for her.

So Kutre Dulecha was all on her own when it mattered. She won her her first

world title at a middle distance event with a time of 4:06,40 minutes. Four

years ago the Ethiopian had already been World Cross Country Champion (short

event). When she put the pressure on at 1,200 metres no other runner had a

chance. Still it remains speculative what chances Kelly Holmes would have had

against Dulecha. The Ethiopian clearly was not at her limit. On the other hand

Kelly Holmes has the pace needed due to her 800 metre running. Holmes is a

training partner of Olympic and World Champion Maria Mutola (Mozambique). Both

are training in South Africa.

“It is no secret: I came her to win. The race was perfect for me. It

was tactical and slow. I did not fear any runner, because I had trained

well”, Dulecha said. Probably Kelly Holmes made the mistake right after

the start, when she decided to run right at the end of the field. The pace was

slow and probably she wanted to avoid being pushed. But the other end would

have been the better position. Additionally she did not fell in a curve but on

a straight, when she was trying to get nearer to the leaders. Holmes

immediately continued racing and caught the end of the field at 1,100 metres.

But the fight for a medal was hopeless, because finally the pace was picked up

by Kutre Dulecha.

There was a surprise second place for 26 year-old Carmen Douma-Hussar

(4:08,18 minutes). The Canadian celebrated her biggest success so far.

“It is just unbelievable. This is my first World Championship and I ran a

personal best as well. My coach did talk about the possibility of a medal

– but to be honest I did not believe him!” Third place went to

Russian Gulnara Samitova (4:08,26).