News for the Skaters of the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Dear Skaters of the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and skating enthusiasts,

The summer has reached its climax, the weeks until the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON are flying by, it is time for you to start with longer training

sessions, but it is also time for us to fill you in with details about this

years event.

It is now official: The police have Okayed the marathon for the skaters for

Saturday, September 27th. The start will be at 4:00 p.m. There were a few

restrictions regarding the course, however: A few classic shopping areas had to

be left out, so that the course will no longer pass across Hermanplatz,

Kurfuerstendamm or Potsdamer Strasse (but will go through Potsdamer Platz). We

will be publishing the final course for the skaters in the next few weeks on

our web page. All other sightseeing points of interest will still be on the

skaters course, however.

The change in course has also made it possible for us to make one potential

danger zone less dangerous: the finish for the skaters will be at Pariser

Platz, just in front of the Brandenburg Gate. This way the skaters will not

have to weave through the small spaces between the pillars of the Brandenburg

Gate at the end of the race, when speeds are up to 50 kph. The weaving of the

course and cobblestones, both factors that could lead to accidents, will be

taken out of the race, so to say. Of course all skaters will still be able to

skate through the Brandenburg Gate.

It will be about 100 metres past the finish line, and you will be able to

roll through the Gate triumphantly. After passing through the Gate, you will

have about 300 m of the runners final stretch before you reach the regular

finish area with refreshments, assistance, and care.

There will be refreshments for the skaters along the course as well. There

will be water stations at the 20, 30, and 35 km points. As it is always

somewhat dangerous to stop at the refreshment points, we would like to ask you

to carry your own refreshments and to use the water bottles distributed with

your race numbers.

You should keep your Saturday evening free here in Berlin. After the race

there will be an awards ceremony on the stage on Pariser Platz, followed by a

party with lots of music. You will be receiving further information about times

and locations in the next few weeks along with your confirmation of

participation, which you will need in order to pick up your starting number.

Please note that you must pick up your race number by 12 noon on Saturday,

September 27.

As the limit of participants has not yet been reached, the registration fee

will not be raised as was planned on August 9, and skaters will continue to be

able to register for 70 Euros until August 29.

Nothing works without volunteers: The expansion of the event over two days

not only pushes the organisers to the limit, it especially means more to do for

the volunteers. Help us to continue do the best job for you. We would love to

have your family, friends, colleagues, and relatives volunteer as helpers. As a

thank you, they will receive an adidas raincoat and have the feeling of being

part of a great thing. Several skaters have already said they would like to

help out along the course on Sunday for the runners. Whether on Saturday or

Sunday, we are thankful for every helping hand we can get. If you are

interested, please contact us at

SCC is offering two more opportunities to train for 30th real,-


- on August 9, the City Night, a 10 km race on a mild summer evening through

the city centre, always a great atmosphere. The start is 7:30 p.m.

- on August 24, the 2nd Xrace Around the Golden Else, a new event with great

potential... so to say, an insiders tip.

The "XRace Around the Golden Else (Victory Column)" in 2002 was

the first Just-Inline-Race in Berlin, initiated and organised by the SCC XSpeed

Team, by skaters for skaters. The course is a flat and fast circuit around the

Victory Column, between the Tiergarten train station and Entlastungsstrasse.

Start and finish are on Altonaer Strasse, a road that branches off from the

Victory Column.

Five weeks before the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, the Strasse des 17. Juni, from

the Tiergarten train station to Entlastungsstraße, belongs to the

skaters. A good opportunity to check your condition and technique, to test out

your cooperation and tactics with your skating team under real competition

conditions, or as a beginner, to gather your first real competition


There will be four races to choose from at the 2nd XRace Around the Golden


1. "Open A" Race Half Marathon (Time Limit 50 min.) Start 2:45

p.m., five rounds, 21,095 km, the race for experienced skaters.

2. JBC-Elite Mens Marathon (Time Limit 1:25h) Start 4:00 p.m., 10 rounds for

the national and international top skaters.

3. JBC-Elite Womens Half Marathon (Time Limit 45 min) Start 4:01 p.m., 5 rounds

for the best womens teams (German and international).

4. "Open B" Fun-Half Marathon (Anticipated times of 1:30h) Start 5:45

p.m. Last but not least: 5 rounds for everyone--beginners to experienced


It is worth it in any case: The Xrace, with the JBC-Elite Marathon/Half

Marathon, is the third station and official timed race of the Jever Blade

Challenge (JBC) 2003, the most important German racing series. As are all JBC

races, the JBC Mens Marathon, as well as the JBC Womens Half Marathon, are

qualified licensed timed races of the German skating association, the Deutscher

Rollsport und Inlineverband (DRIV).

To register go to:

Your Skate-Team of the SCC